About Us

Turmhaus Dobermanns is an amateur family kennel from Sintra, Portugal, devoted exclusively to the breeding and selection of Dobermann dogs.

We have been actively competing in the show rings since 1985, while our first litter was born by the end of 1992.

Our dogs are an important part of our lifes, as they live with us, inside our house, as family members, not as live stock.

For us dobermanns are not “ a way of life”, as  we don´t make our living out of our dogs. Both me and my wife maintain active professional positions, while dog breeding is our hobby.



We are happy to find dogs from our breeding in different countries within the five continents, in such different locations such as Brazil and Greece, Russia and China, United States and Angola, Spain, Sweden, or Italy.

We feel very proud to see our dogs competing in national and international dog shows, and to become champions in their countries, when its quality may allow them to become so.

Still, the moment we feel ourselves mostly fulfilled, is when we get to know that our dogs are a part of their owners families, were its presence is a motive for joy and happiness every day.


Our own way: what we are, and what we stand for



We believe that in life, as in dog world, the important is to act – not to talk.

That is why we take for our mote – “RES NON VERBA” (ACTIONS NOT WORDS).


We offer, and stand for, as breeding practices that should be universally adopted that:


All the dogs used for reproduction are tested for the most common pathologies known to occur in dogs of this breed – such as Hip Dysplasia, VWD, PHTVL/PHPV, Wobbler, Tyroihd, etc.;

Reproducers are genetically identified to assure their ancestry;

All our litters are carefully planned, using only suitable males, and come from world champion selected blood lines, and caracther tested (ZTP);

All puppies breed by us, are electronically identified, and pedigree registered, with health guarantee issued by a certified veterinarian.



Our curriculum shows:



27 years of experience showing and breeding in our country and abroad;

Fellow member of DV (Dobermann Verein), AIAD (Associazione Italiana Amatori Dobermann), and ADP (Associação Dobermann Portugal), for the past 20 years.;

Judging experience as trainee judge for Open Shows of the ADP;

Author of many articles and notes on specialized press;

Experience, knowledge, dedication, and commitememt in our breeding;

Champion titled, and work certified dogs breed, raised and trained for IPO, ZTP, BH.


Carlos Carneiro Gomes

Sintra, July 2013